Grinshpun Biography

Alexander Grinshpun’s style is not made on a single level, but has an unexpected element. It is multi colored art filled with conflicts. Still, he manages to maintain the values of traditional painting that were instilled in him during his years at the Saint Petersburg School of Fine Art. 

In his paintings Alexander reacts, on a certain level, to the changes in style between Realism and Abstract. With awareness to his sketch work and his high deposition of paint he opens vast spaces of choice for himself. Born in Moldova in April 1949, he graduated from art school in 1968. He specialized in creating background scenery for theater and opera at the St. Petersburg Art Academy. He also participated in many exhibitions across the former U.S.S.R., in cities such as Kishiniev, Odessa and Tiraspol. 

After he migrated to Israel he settled in Kibutz Neveh Eitan in the Beit Shean Valley. Grinshpun sees in his art a reflection to the change that is a part of life: “Each day brings new things,” says the artist, “Every minute is one of a kind. You may wake in the morning,