Lucelle Raad Biography

port-lucelle-raadIn a fast-paced, computerized world that is often dehumanizing, Lucelle Raads works evoke an intimacy and sensitivity unique in the world of art. Lucelle Raad celebrates the life of the child. Her style and palette are distinctive. Her vision is the wonder of children. Pensive moments, secrets shared, a helping hand, simple play. These are among the elements of life she portrays. There is joy, discovery and wonderment

Lucelle Raad captures the Wonder of Children in her colorful, evocative paintings of children at play, at the beach, the playground, the ball park — wherever kids gather to play together. These paintings evoke memories of childhood through an amazing depiction of the curiosity, fascination, and wonder of children as they discover nature, sports, and other children. 

Lucelle Raad was born and educated in England and moved to South Africa in her early twenties.  There she studied the art of figurative painting, mostly of the Bantu men and women, whom she saw every day.