Murf Biography

port-murfToday, Murf’s work is being recognized by collectors all over the world. His new age style and distinctive art form has led to his great success. For over thirty years, Marvin (Murf) Murphy has used his keen sense of color, design and form, to create dynamic images which evoke inspiration and appeal to the senses. Murf’s multi-dimensional, mixed media pieces have gained him recognition and popularity on an international level.

In 1990, Murf copyrighted and published his first lithographs. This Art Deco Jazz Series was first introduced at the 1991 New York Art Expo. Since that time, Murf has published many more popular designs. Many of these images are well known through the use of art festival posters as well as album
and magazine covers. Many of Murf’s designs have been added to the collections of famous jazz musicians and other public figures, which include Dave Sanborn, Richard Elliot, Kenny Rankin, Dave Koz and President Clinton.

In 2006, Murf was invited to the most prestigious diplomatic event of the year, the United Nations Ambassadors’ Ball. This event was a special farewell celebration in honor of U. N. Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan, held at Cipriani in New York City. Murf’s original painting
“In a Perfect World” was the feature piece for this event.

Murf claims many of the inspirations of his art can be attributed to his love of nature, music and science. Over the years, Murf has been deeply involved in many environmental projects. His designs have raised substantial amounts of money for environmental, educational and social causes. Murf has shared the limelight with many celebrities including Ivana Trump and Bob Barker, at many of these fundraising events. Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore has expressed his appreciation to Murf’s commitment for the preservation and protection of our environment.