Rajka Kupesic Biography

port-kupesicRajka Kupesic has developed a unique personal style of painting rooted in the naïve tradition, but which has progressed far beyond. Today her artworks can be described only in its own terms of fluidity, movement and emotion. Perhaps one key to her works is her declaration I follow the music. This is literally true, as she listens to music while she paints, usually Mozart.

It comes as no surprise then, that she was classically-trained as a ballerina, and that she danced for many years in Europe while developing her art. She follows the classic tradition of painting on linen. Her detailed sketches are colored with blended pigments and are painstakingly applied in rounded, flowing lines with a smooth finish, creating an image where colors merge and change without jarring the eye.

Her works have been featured in galleries worldwide, magazines in France, Canada and Japan and in major collections throughout the world. Publications and awards include Canadian Whos Who,” Unicef Greeting Cards, Canadian Heritage Magazine, Hallmark Cards, to name a few.