Raphael Fiore Biography

Raphael Fiore was born in Striano, Italy in 1961. He made his appearance in the world of art painting in Turin in the early 80s. At that time originality was the key word in the art world, which often led to abstraction and eccentricity.

Fiore had a strong desire to represent reality, bringing up-to-date the masters of the past. Year by year he has been honing his skills. He is a very gifted painter making minor adjustments by constantly studying technique, color, composition and especially light.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see the extraordinary talent. His Venetian series expresses nearly all of his skills in each piece as you see the shadowing, mist, water and stark contrast of the gondolas set in the most magnificent city of lights – Venice. It is other worldly.

He has been appreciated around Europe for many years and gaining popularity in the states.