Shana Dominguez Biography

Shana DominguezBorn Shana Dominguez in Miami, Florida, in the heart of Coconut Grove, who goes by “Shana” and signs with a double “S”, is known for her abstract paintings. She received an Associate in Arts degree, a Minor in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Management and Design.

In her 20-year career as an artist, her work has captured the attention of numerous publishing companies, a winery in Washington State that affixed her art on red wine bottles, a government agency that contracted her in the 80’s to paint the Sound Barrier Wall along I-95 and the City of Hollywood Water Treatment Plant. Her talents have led her to many prestigious assignments including the Aruba Palm Beach Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City Casino & the Private Jet Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In addition, her work has been displayed at several group and solo exhibitions around the world, winning numerous awards.

As an important part of her artistic process, Shana continues to donate paintings to various charitable organizations. Diabetes, Aids, Cancer, Coral Gables Children’s Theatre, Coconut Grove Playhouse, Junior Achievement, Wizo and Wildlife foundations have all received works from her to aid in their fundraising efforts. She also served on the board of “Keep America Beautiful”, as a spokesperson reporting to Janet Reno regarding painting solutions to prevent graffiti on famous historical landmarks.

Her artwork has been recognized in numerous publications including the Miami Herald, In Grove, View on Design, Coconut Grove, Art Business News, American Artist, Art Expressions, Design South magazines & many more around the world.
Her favorite artists include Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Jackson Pollack, Kandinsky, Chagall, Basquiat & Garay which are a great influence in her mastery of painting.

Shana concedes that she needs structure before transforming blank sheets of paper into highly textured and colorful abstracts. She has a daily routine to rejuvenate energy and paints through the night often until the next day using various tools along with brushes to get the unique textures, lines and dimension apparent in her work. With music as her main source of inspiration while painting, she channels energy so she can respond to the unexpected. She believes mistakes are stepping stones to something greater. Her present style is a true reflection of her emotional and spiritual depth. She puts a tremendous amount of energy into her work.

Shana is known as the artist to the stars collected by Sly, Don Johnson, and the members of AC/DC to name a few. Private and corporate collectors include IBM, Xerox, Universal City Studios, Barnett Bank, C&S Bank, Jack Watson/Watson Island, Greenberg/Traurig, Bobby Rubinos, Roy Black and many others.

Through Shana’s art the viewer can evoke emotion and attempt to use the imagination to depict all things. The energy in the paintings transmit feelings of freedom and spontaneity. The colored layers become images which in turn represent the viewers own interpretation.

Through her works she is attempting to inspire recognition of one’s inner self.